I want to use this page as a resource for you to find all the tools you need in order to become a successful, driven individual with razor sharp focus in your business. The tools mentioned below are fully backed by me and it’s what I use to get work done on a daily basis!

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your goals.

Website Hosting and WordPress Setup

Bluehost – is the webhosting service I recommend you use if you are starting out with your first blog or website. It is easy to setup and walks you through the entire process from the get go. (Check out the full tutorial of how to setup your WordPress blog with Bluehost in 10 easy steps)

Podcast Production and Equipment

WeEditPodcasts – I use We Edit Podcasts for my podcast production. I have to disclose that I do own the company with my wife, but the team still does wonders for me on the show and our clients. The fastest podcast production and description service available online.

Podcast Answerman – If you’re looking for podcasting equipment and need advice on what will work for you, Cliff is the man to speak to.

Simple Podcast Press – This is my choice of audio player for my podcast episodes. Hani has built a beautiful plugin for WordPress that enables you to really get everything out of your show.

ID3 Editor – This is my episode tagger of choice. It makes things simple to do in bulk if needed to.

Book Keeping and Support

Xero – My choice of book keeping software for your business. It has helped me organize my things down to the T and you are able to integrate Xero with a lot of other applications to work together, such as Float App for financial forecasting.

GrooveHQ – My choice of help desk software for your business. Alex and the team has done a splendid job at building something you want to use on a daily basis. I recommend Groove above any other help desk software.

Writing, To-Do Lists and Communication

Slack – is my platform of choice for team communication. It simplifies the way we work and has drastically reduced daily email load between team members. Slack has also begun sporting different communities that have established themselves on the communication platform.

Calendly – is my go to scheduling application. I find it beautifully designed and easy to use. Whenever I have a guest on the podcast or a meeting that someone wants to schedule with me, it happens through Calendly.

Trello – is my goto task management app. I use it across the board for everything I do that needs a list. Whether it’s moving a house or planning a party, Trello is functional enough to support it all.

Evernote – is my note taking app that I use. It houses all my different notebooks and syncs seamlessly across my different devices. Whether it’s writing new articles, a book, setting goals, or making an idea list, Evernote is my top pick.

Social Media Tools

Buffer – is my scheduling app that I use for my social media accounts. It connects to my Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN, and Google+ account to help me setup effect schedules for sharing quality content.

SumoMe – is my choice for Social Media Website tools. It’s fully packed with a list builder, contact form, share buttons, image sharing, heat maps tracker and much more. It’s the one stop shop you wish you had.

Course Building

Zippy Courses – by Social Triggers is my go to plugin for building a course on WordPress. It gives you the flexibility of adding modules, lessons and restricting access where necessary. If you’re looking for a plugin to extend the power of WordPress, get Zippy Courses.

Are there any resources that I missed out on or should check it to incorporate into my daily schedule? Let me know via Twitter – @Jacquesvh