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11 Signs She’s Worth Marrying
FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedIn Valentines evening was spent with my beautiful wife over a glass of wine at a local eatery by the name of, “The Barn.” It’s located in Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur, our current stop on our travels that we decided to do this year. FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestLinkedIn
Is the Term “Entrepreneur” Overused amongst New Starters? 11 Experts Weigh-In
FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedIn For me an Entrepreneur is someone who owns a business, employs people and is able to step away from that business if they have to for a brief period of time whilst it grows and they rest. Over the years I’ve met a lot
16 Things I Wish I Could Go Back and Tell My Younger Self
FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedIn Admission plays a big role in maturity. We often fail to admit our wrongs and try to justify our situations with our own opinions. When all we need to do is be teachable. I believed I knew how life was going to turn out.

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